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Dana McCabe: Journal

Things They Never Told Me About Getting Older - May 10, 2012

I will be 54 years old this September...the 28th to be exact.  When I was 24 I would have considered this one-foot-in-the-grave.

Funny how one's perspective changes.  Now, well heck, I'm right proud to still be here to tell the tale.  And I am hoping maybe doing so might encourage someone else.

Anyhow, in today's "Things They Never Told Me About Getting Older" category:

  Funny how, as one Gets Older, things that were once just an item on a to-do list now count as exercise...Like gardening.

  Or walking to the mailbox.

  (ha-ha.  Kidding on that one.  Sort of)

  God bless ~

The Actual Question - May 8, 2012

I am listening to all the sturm und drang (or just plain brouhaha) being shouted from the rooftops here today in NC.
If you listen quietly you can just make out the dull roar.

I'm talking of course about the Marriage Amendment Act being presented to North Carolina voters today; an amendment which will stipulate that "marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state."
Aside from possible unintended consequences, such as resultant ban on civil unions (read the "...only domestic legal union..." part again) and domestic partnerships, the fallout in the Christian community is very upsetting.
There is a loudly pervasive sentiment among the Body of Christ that if you are against this amendment, then you are against God. I suspect that there are many Christians who, like me, do not agree with the placement of this amendment, but are keeping silent in order to avoid being accused of being part of a "gay rights" agenda. Which makes them a suspected possible pseudo-Christian.

How many people are out there today voting for this amendment armed with the full conviction that they are fighting for the sanctity of the God-given state of marriage? I just have to say this...
God doesn't need us to sanctify something made holy by Him, a relationship that is meant to mirror His relationship with us.
No man-made law, statute, or amendment to said statute can ever change for good, or ill, what God has spoken.
The actual question has gotten lost in the storm. The real questions is *not*
- Are you "for" or "against" homosexual marriage?
It is
- Does our government have any meaning at all that gives them any power to change what God Almighty has put in place? Or not?
We who believe in the sanctity of marriage as God has given it to us will continue in that belief no matter what governments do.
We who hold to what Christ commanded us to do will *continue* to love one another (with His help!)

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