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Dana McCabe: Music

The Crossing

(Dana McCabe)
March 25, 2010
Dana Crabtree McCabe
So many people that I know are facing "crossroads moments" in their lives right now. 
Including me. 

I believe that God is asking me to lay some things down...things that I have cherished and held on that He can move on with His plan for me, and my family. 
God is saying to you and to me..."Will you trust Me yet again?  Will you let Me take these cherished things, these dreams, hopes, plans, all your ideas about how things should be...may I take them from you and give you what *I* want you to hold on to?"

The [Cross]ing
dana mccabe 3-2010

The time is here…that I knew would come
Time to choose…which way I will run
And I have been here before

Time it was…and another place
I might have pretended not to see You there
But the stakes are too high……today

I am here at the Crossing with my dreams in my hands
And all of my hopes and fears…All my little plans
And I lay it all down
And I choose to run after You