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Dana McCabe: Bio

Beginning Again

Wife and Mom. Daughter of the Most High God.

Philanthropist...(Oh wait, that's Jon Bon Jovi, hah!)

I have called North Carolina home since 1972 and seen so many changes that it hurts my head to think of it all.

I am a Christian, a Christ-follower. I have *not* been a Christian all my life, but somehow made it alive to my thirties; to a place where I finally accepted His gift.

I am married to the only man on this good earth who loved me enough to come get me. Plus, Tom is truly a funny guy. He makes me laugh :-D

I have two boys. Sean and Daniel are two of the sweetest, most interesting people I know, and I know that even on the days when they are driving me nuts.

I have had the privilege of serving the Lord over the last twenty years as vocalist and musician.  I have had the most amazing array of people come in and out of my life as I have learned at a fairly late age what it means to be a Christian.   Some of those lessons are hard-learned.  Relationships have been won and lost.  Disillusionment is an ever-present danger when you place anyone but Jesus Christ on a high place.  As a dear friend once said "People will let you down every time.  HE never will"

I am a bit of an oddball.  An acquired taste, or not, one might say.  Some of this is a result of being raised in an alcoholic family, and becoming one myself.  Some of it is just plain chemical.  I am a grateful survivor, (thanks to my husband and his courageous intervention) of a chemical imbalance which was spiraling out of control, and causing some fairly bizarre behavior and thought processes.  It was threatening my sobriety, which was over twenty-five years strong. 

Because Tom asked me to, for my sake and the sake of my family, I went to see a doctor. 

So here I am rediscovering my life.  "Normal" is normal for me.  Most of the time!

The Lord has moved His hand in unexpected ways.  Most significantly, He has released me from what used to be my singing.  This was what I considered to be the only thing I could do right, the thing that kept me sane and close to God.  It was unthinkable that I could ever let it go, much less *desire* to let it go.  A year or so ago, a series of circumstances caused me to consider that it might be time to let go of my commitment to the music team.  But more simply...God lifted His hand, and asked my to lay it down.

So I did.